In-House Consultancy Services & In-House Trainings

In-House Consultancy Services & In-House Trainings

In-House Consultancy Services


Our experienced team will support you with the following issues:

  • How to write a winning H2020 proposal (we can provide you with consultancy services or take over the task completely);
  • You need support in disseminating your H2020 project (Communication & Dissemination Services for EU Grants);
  • We help you with the visual identity and branding (website, logo, branding);
  • How to organise a successful event (Event Management Services);
  • If you’re outside of EU and worried how to continue your participation in EU funded actions – we know the aswer;
  • If you would like to develop your business and establish a company in EU (Estonia), etc.

In-House Training Services


EUAccess provides tailored training solutions delivered at a location of your choice. The topics include:

  • Proposal Writing of H2020 R&I Projects (in theory and practice);
  • BREXIT & the UK: H2020 in the Present & Horizon Europe in the Future;
  • Communication & Dissemination of EU Grants.

Additionally, we can tailor or create a course to suit the exact needs of your organisation.

The advantages of an In-House training:

The advantages of an In-House training:

  • Several members of your organisation or even the whole department will be attending the session;
  • You will benefit from having our Consultant at your premises for the whole day – you may ask him all the questions related to your project and he will answer questions relating to the specific compliance needs of your organisation;
  • Choosing an In-House training solution means that you are in control of the schedule – you choose the start time and duration of the session to suit your needs;
  • A further advantage of choosing an In-House training session is that your staff will not incur the travel costs associated with attending an open-training;
  • The same Consultants who provide EUAccess open-trainings also provide the In-House sessions, so you are assured of the same high quality course leaders who are the experts in their field.

With our unique integrated approach we have the proven expertise and experience to help your organisation to develop.