H2020 Proposal Writing Services

H2020 Proposal Writing Services

Planning a project proposal for Horizon 2020?

EUAccess – is your ideal partner to make your project a success! We support beneficiaries with a suite of bespoke services when it comes to writing a project proposal for Horizon 2020. If you have a project concept but no partners we can also support you in mounting a balanced winning consortium.

Why EUAccess?

Many organisations are looking for proposal writing services to externalize this very time consuming activity. Sometimes you don’t have internal resources that are trained and experienced in EU proposal writing, sometimes you just have a temporary lack of HR to assign to prepare the submission of a project proposal. Our service offering and philosophy is quite different and insures higher chances of success.

  • EUAccess believes that the full externalisation of proposal writing is a dead end with no chance of success during the evaluation process. The excellence of your idea, and the impact of your project on the scientific and economic community is clear to you only and an external person taking your idea and running with it via EU funding generally does not work especially in the extremely competitive world of research and innovation.
  • EUAccess believes that the only effective approach to the externalisation of proposal writing is a joint approach with the external provider taking on the huge burden of work, especially the non-scientific aspects, allowing your internal resources to concentrate on the quality of the scientific aspects, and allowing your scientists and researchers to concentrate on what you know best.

This is why EUAccess is pleased to announce the most comprehensive, realistic, effective proposal writing service for EU funded actions. Thanks to EUaccess innovative methodology of proposal writing service delivery, you and EUaccess will be able to set a very efficient underpinning of collaboration, where each stakeholder does what it can do best and more efficiently.

What We Offer


  • We deliver a professional horizontal approach, based on our years of knowledge and experience in the process, not on the scientific contents: this allows us to cover any thematic area.
  • We offer a blended approach based on:
    • Replacing the Lead Applicant during the many time-consuming phases of the proposal preparation;
    • Accompanying the Lead Applicant in the drawing up of the scientific core aspects of the proposal.
TaskEUaccess Lead Applicant
Definition of the project abstract+
Partner search & mounting consortium++
Partner validation and management+
Management of Proposal Part A +
Drawing Proposal Part B:
i) Excellence
ii) Impact
Reviews of upgrading versions against evaluation criteria+
Drawing Part B:
iii) Implementation
Horizontal WPs:
WP Management;
WP Communication and Dissemination
Development of the project budget+Validation
Development of the Consortium Agreement+Validation
Stylistic review and proof of reading+
Submission of the proposal+
Participant Portal Roles Management+
Management of Grant Preparation phase+

EUAccess can cover

Horizon 2020 Proposal Writing and Review Services

EUAccess’s H2020 proposal writing services are holistic and we bring your idea on this journey from conception to fruition to ultimately getting funded by the EU under H2020.

We also offer an extra proposal review service by a qualified panel to get an external independent opinion whereby they will assess the proposals strengths and weaknesses.

Horizon 2020 Proposal Writing Fees

Our fees are upfront transparent and easy to understand!
We apply different fee contractual model, according to the preference of the partner, and subject to the negotiation:

  • Fee-based: Negotiated with the Applicant;
  • Success fee-based: egotiated with the Applicant.