The Washington Post: Brexit: The next big 5 things to watch

The divorce negotiations may go to the wire.

The negotiations over the British withdrawal from the European Union were supposed to be over by now. But the October European summit came and went without a deal. And a much-hyped challenge to Prime Minister Theresa May’s leadership fizzled out Wednesday, in part thanks to the reaction to the gruesome off-the-record language from critics in her party.

The Brexit process remains a multilevel negotiation, where actors send out signals and seek to frame the discussions to rally support, obfuscate and intimidate. With just over 150 days to go until Britain is due to leave the European Union, here are five things to watch:

1. Can Theresa May deal with Tory MPs?

Divisions over Europe in Britain’s Conservative Party stretch back decades. May has successfully papered over the cracks since becoming leader, but at some point, the prime minister will have to finalize the details. And whatever deal she strikes will disappoint some Conservatives.

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