BBC: On the verge of a nervous Brexit breakdown?

“A Brexit deal may never be reached,” according to the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator on the morning after the (summit) night before.

The accord was almost 90% there, mused Michel Barnier in an interview on French radio on Friday. But, he said, because of the impasse over the Irish border, negotiations could break down.

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BBC: Brexit: Five things that happened at the EU Brussels summit

Prime Minister Theresa May has been in Belgium this week for a Brexit meeting which has been nicknamed the “moment of truth”. So what has happened?

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BBC: Brexit: ‘No optimism’ for summit breakthrough, says Donald Tusk

Donald Tusk has poured cold water on hopes of a Brexit breakthrough at Wednesday’s EU summit, saying the Irish border was still a sticking point.

The European Council president said he had “no grounds for optimism” it would be solved at the summit.

And he called on Theresa May to come up with “concrete proposals” to break the “impasse”.

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The Guardian: ‘There’s no plan B’: academics race to safeguard research against Brexit

With science, IT and archaeology among subjects heavily funded by the EU, leaving with no deal would be cataclysmic, say universities.

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BBC News: Brexit: ‘Key issues remain’ after Raab and Barnier talks

The UK and EU say key issues remain unresolved following unscheduled Brexit talks in Brussels.

Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab and EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier met for more than an hour ahead of a crunch EU leaders’ summit this week.

Mr Barnier tweeted that issues, such as how to avoid a hard border with Ireland, were “still open”.

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The Guardian: The Brexit fanatics go for broke. This is their chance of counter-revolution

Like revolutions, counter-revolutions abhor compromise. “Citizens,” cried Maximilien Robespierre in 1792, as he prepared the French for a reign of terror, “did you want a revolution without revolution?” Tories should be “unafraid to go forward without an agreement”, echoed Steve Baker, the Robespierre of the English right. We cannot tolerate “a half-in, half-out Brexit”.

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CNN: Brexit will weaken Europe, isolate Britain and fuel global tensions

Leave aside the particulars of this month’s Brexit drama — Theresa May’s dance moves, Boris Johnson’s attacks on May’s plan, and the latest warnings from European capitals — it’s time to brace for Brexit. Let’s focus on the few geopolitical certainties we know will follow the UK’s exit from the European Union, on whatever terms it comes.

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The Guardian: Now Brexit really is threatening to tear the UK apart

Theresa May cannot say she has not been warned. Brexit poses a mounting threat to the unity of the UK. Nor can she dispute the eminence of those who have been doing the warning. During the referendum campaign in 2016, John Major counselled that a British exit could “tear apart” the UK. This past summer, Gordon Brown argued Britain was at serious risk of “being permanently paralysed by seemingly irreparable divisions”. These are serious voices.

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BBC: Brexit: May urges MPs to put national interest first in future vote

Theresa May has urged MPs to “put the national interest first” when deciding whether to approve a Brexit deal in a crunch vote likely later this year.

Asked about the issue during Prime Minister’s Questions, Mrs May said she was working to secure the best possible agreement that respected the 2016 vote.

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The Guardian: Brexit: big issues ‘require movement on EU side’, says No 10

Comments indicate Downing Street believes it is unlikely deal will be reached at summit next week.

Major issues are still to be resolved before the UK can agree a deal with the European Union, Downing Street has said, cautioning that “optimistic” comments from EU leaders might not result in agreement at the October summit.

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