About EUAccess

Welcome to EUAccess – Your Bridge to the EU!

EUAccess – is a multinational team of dedicated experienced experts with the EU funded programmes. We work with higher education institutions, research institutes, large and small- and medium size enterprises around Europe and around the world.

EUAccess supports beneficiaries’ participating in Horizon 2020 proposal writing, communication and dissemination of EU grants and entity formation services for non-EU organisations. We are the only organisation in Europe offering a practical easily available solution to the issue of Brexit by allowing continued access by UK beneficiaries and non-organisations who wish to participate in EU funded actions going forward.

EUAccess – is your ideal partner to make your project a success!

Our Specialization

We are a multinational multilingual team (English, Estonian, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian) of highly qualified professionals with many years of experience in Brussels and across the EU.

Are you thinking of participating in the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research, Development and Innovation?

You can make a difference in H2020 project with a reliable solid partner such as EUAccess.