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Welcome to EUAccess - Your Bridge to the EU!




Welcome to EUAccess!

EUAccess – is a multinational team of dedicated experienced experts with the EU funded programmes. We work with higher education institutions, research institutes, large and small- and medium size enterprises around Europe and around the world.

EUAccess supports beneficiaries’ participating in Horizon 2020 proposal writing, communication and dissemination of EU grants and entity formation services for non-EU organisations. We are the only organisation in Europe offering a practical easily available solution to the issue of Brexit by allowing continued access by UK beneficiaries and non-organisations who wish to participate in EU funded actions going forward.

Our Services

H2020 Proposal Writing Services

Planning a project proposal for Horizon 2020? EUAccess – is your ideal partner to make your project a success! We support beneficiaries with a suite of bespoke services when it comes to writing a project proposal for Horizon 2020. If you have a project concept but no partners we can also support you in mounting a balanced winning consortium.

In-House Consultancy & Trainings

With the unique integrated approach EUAccess has the proven expertise and experience to help your organisation to develop. EUAccess offers consultancy services and tailored in-house training solutions to meet your organisation’s needs.

Open Trainings Around Europe

EUAccess offers open trainings around Europe, which are based on “learning-by-doing” methodology, which means that we always deliver our trainings in a balanced mixture of practical presentations, hands-on workshops and real-life examples.

Communication & Dissemination of EU Grants

EUAccess develops powerful tools to communicate about your project. Our experts will guide you through all the stages of your project – from the proposal writing to the implementation phase.

Entity Formation in Estonia

EUAccess supports organisations around the World establishing branch offices in Estonia, enabling them to develop their business in EU, full access to the EU’s R&D funding programmes and accessing the EU single market in Europe’s lowest cost for doing business Euro zone economy.

About Us

EUAccess; is your bridge to the EU; continued EU funded programme access and the EU’s 500 million market place and in particular in the context of Brexit to allow continual access for UK and non – EU companies and universities to establish operations’ in Estonia.

Using Estonia as a launch pad we facilitate our clients from the UK and outside of the EU as well to easily set up a company in Estonia avoiding the uncertainty around continued access to EU funded programmes and 500 million consumers that the single market offers.

In addition to this we now support UK companies; RTDs, research and development centres; higher education bodies, universities etc to continue their participation in EU funded programmes post – Brexit Horizon Europe etc providing support for establishing operations to continue UK access to EU funded programmes along with consultancy services in Financial Management of EU Projects.

  • 3 / Tailor-Made Package / Price on Request

    Includes services from Package 1 & 2 plus:

    • Financial Management of EU Projects
    • Other Services on Request
      • Market Research
      • Partner Search
      • Marketing Services
      • Translation Services
      • IT Support
      • Real Estate
      • School for Your Children